During rent a car, Bodrum Tour rent a car that rent the car whose plaque and brand are written in the front page of rental contract that will be formed with you  will be called as “RENTER” whose sign will be in the same page, the person that will take the car to use with provision of rent and that resides in the address specified in the contract will be called as “HIRER”. 

As long as rental contract continues, HIRER must drive the car by obeying the law no 2918 of Highway Traffic Law dated 13.10.1983 and the law no 26901 of Traffic Rules. 

When hirer signs this contract formed between renter and hirer, hirer will have accepted all conditions; if there is a discrepancy between two texts of this contract written both in Turkish and English, in all conditions hirer accepts that the text in Turkish is valid. 

You should notify your complaints and/or problems to bodrum@otokiralama-bodrum via E-mail address, notifications made by phone or fax can’t be accepted. Notifications made by e-mail should be made within 10 days. In case of the notifications made in 10 days and after 10 days, no process will be applied and also responsibility won’t be accepted. 

•    Driving licence and Age for Rent a Car 
•    Minimum Rent a Car Duration 
•    Questions that are included and aren’t included in the Price 
•    One-way Rent and Charges 
•    Additional Conditions about Driver and Charges 
•    Conditions about Delivering and Acceptance of the Car
•    Return/ Delivery Latency and Charges 
•    Form of Payment and Conditions of Deposit 
•    Conditions of Cancellation and Repayment 
•    Traffic Tickets 
•    Provisions Needed to be Made by Driver
•    Insurance Conditions 
•    Fuel Conditions 
•    Privacy Policy 

Driving Licence and Age for Rent a Car:

People who have a driving licence that is valid for at least 1 (one) year and who are 21 and over can hire the car group such as ECMR-ECMD-ECAR-CDMR-CDMD-CDAR-DDMR-DDMD-DDAR-SWMR and SWMD.

People who have a driving licence that is valid for 2 years and who are at least 25 can hire the car group such as DDMR-DDMD-DDAR-DDAD-SWAR-SWAD-IDMR-IDMD-IDAR-IDAD.

People who have a driving licence that is valid for 5 years and who are at least 27 can hire the car group such as LDAR-LDAD-LDMR-LDMD and the other luxury cars. 

Minimum Rent a Car Duration:

Minimum duration for rent a car is designated and calculated as 24 hours (one day) in daily renting and as 30 days in monthly renting. Renting that is made for less than 24 hours is processed for 1 day. 

Questions that are included and aren’t included in the Price:

Services that are include in the price; in daily renting unlimited kilometer usage, in monthly renting maximum 2000 kilometer (limited) usage, local taxes, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Airport delivery fee, Road Assistance, Theft Waiver (TW)  

Services that aren’t included in the price; Fuel, Collision Damage Waiver (FLL-CDW), Personal Accident Insurance (P.A.I.), Tire-Windscreen-Headlight Insurance (LCF), baby and child seats and booster seats, trip computer, extra driver, bridges and highway passage fees, parking fees, one way renting, car delivery changes after hours. 

One-way Rent and Charges:

Deliver and acceptance of the car inter cities and regions are charged. Charges determined by computer ground on the distance between rental offices. Distance between two spaces is calculated by multiplying with kurus. (For example; if you want to leave the car in Izmir that you hire from Bodrum, we can make the calculation as in the following:  235 kilometer * 0,95 kurus = 223,25 Turkish Liras.)

Additional Conditions about Driver and Charges: 

Except hirer, if there are additional driver and drivers, they pay 7 Turkish Liras per person so that they are entitled to drive with the condition of specifying on the contract. Additional drivers are charged. You should know that if the drivers whose name, surname, address and signature don’t take place on the contract cause damages and accidents, insurances won’t be valid. They will be responsible for the loss and damage occurred and caused.
Conditions About Delivering and Acceptance of the Car:

Delivering and acceptance of the car within the bounds of city or districts that rent will be made optionally are charged; distance between two rent points is calculated by multiplying with 0,95 kurus(0-15 km are included). 

Return/Delivery Latency and Charges:

If there is latency in return, you should contact and inform us by contact, phone number etc given to you in the delivery of the car. In the return of the cars, for maximum 3 hours latencies, 1/3 of the rental specified on the contract should be paid, for over 3 hours latencies, rental for one day should be paid. 

Form of Payment and Conditions of Deposit:

Payments are made via bank card and credit card. In the start of rent, whole of rental is cashed.300 € or Turkish Liras suited to 300 € are taken by cash or blocking on your card. When you return the car, this deposit are returned to you. For L and luxury car group, two credit cards are stipulated, the amount of blocking are 2000- 3000 Turkish Liras. Debit card can’t be accepted for deposit.  (If there are key, licence loss, change in the quantity of fuel, damage or penalties, these are calculated and remaining deposit amount are returned to you.)

Conditions about Reservation Cancellation and Repayment    

You can cancel and/or change your reservation that you have made through internet address, phone, mail etc, also you can ask for the repayment of the reservation that you have cancelled. 

The conditions of cancellation are as in the following: 

- In the case that you cancel your prepayable or full-payout reservation in the date when you make your reservation,  all your payments are returned.

-  If you don’t cancel/change your prepayable or full-payout reservation or receive the car without informing in advance, repayment request can not be demanded. 

- In the cancellations made in at least 3 days before the rent day, 50% of the daily rental is docked and the remaining amount is returned. (If your rent duration is one day, repayment amount of rent can not be demanded. )

- In the cancellations made in 3 days and less than 3 days, rental  for one day is docked and the remaining amount is returned. (If your rent duration is one day, repayment amount of rent can not be demanded. )

- You should deliver your cancellation demand that includes your reservation informations to contact address for the cancellation of the reservation.  Cancellation demands made to anywhere except this e-mail address (phone, fax) won’t be regarded. 

Traffic Tickets:

Any responsibilty arising from the failure in obeying the applicable traffic laws and traffic tickets belong to the user. 

Provisions Needed to be Made by Driver:

•    When Hirer doesn’t drive the car, hirer is supposed to take required precautions to prevent possible stealing and theft. Hirer who is considered as the owner of the car must lock the doors of the car and close the glass and the windows of the car during the rent.
•    In case that the car is stolen, hirer is supposed to return the vehicle licence and keys of the car.  Hirer is also supposed to file a criminal complaint to the relevant authorities and to take a statement down.

•    In case that any accident or damage occur in the car; hirer, people authorized by hirer and people identified as hirer are supposed to the take the following precautions to protect the interests of renter and insurance company.
      a) In case that any accident or damage occur in the car, before a statement is taken down by public authorities, for any reason whatever not to remove the car

      b) Inform renter and public authorities about the event

      c) Take the name and address of the people and/or witnesses related to the event

      d) Call public authorities in one-sided damages; in double-sided events, take the copies of driving licence, vehicle licence and insurance contract of other party/parties

      e) Not to leave the car before taking required precautions

      f) Get the accident, damage report, relevant minutes and all information to the renter within maximum 48 hours

      g) You are supposed to protect the car against the situations who have risk depending on climatic conditions.

      h) You are supposed to obey speed limit.

Insurance Conditions:

Renter has insured its cars with financial liability insurance in accordance with Highway Traffic Law. During the rent, this insurance cover is limited with the limits recorded in insurance contract on which the car is dependent. All penal liabilities, physical injuries and immaterial damage over this amount belong to the hirer, renter who has to make a payment over the limits in contract is provided with right of recourse to hirer. 

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)of hirer is limited with the limits that renter provides from the insurance. Hirer pays participation premium shown in applicable rental price list to take benefit of insurance and hirer specifies insurance request by signing ad hoc section. 

Highway Traffic Law, insurance and all changes made in other legal statute against renter attribute to hirer in accordance with this contract. Making motor insurance and voluntary financial liability insurance are optional for renter. In case that any accident or damage occur in the car, hirer has to carry out the following conditions to take benefit of insurance. 

•    Hirer is supposed to commend and report to the renter an accident report that states the event in detail from public authorities that is closest to the scene of the accident (within the city bounds, local police station, outside the city, Gendarme etc.), traffic collision report, documents such as the name and the address of witness and information within maximum 48 hours.   

•    If there isn’t an impeding condition of hirer determined by doctor report, hirer has to inform renter about the accident immediately. Hirer won’t interfere the car, he/she will take the car under protection. If somethin in the car is stolen, hirer will compensate. 

•    If hirer makes an accident or damages to the third people, damages arising from it will be cashed by renter from insurance company. Hirer is responsible for the compensations for the damages that exceed the amount cashed from insurance and that renter has to pay with recourse and in cases that insurance is not responsible.  

•    All insurances are valid during the duration specified in rental contract. 

•    Hirer is directly responsible for the accidents that are caused by driver who is under the effect of alcohol and drugs or who has’nt got the valid driving licence and the accidents caused by freights. 

•    Hirer is indisputable responsible for the amount written in brochure for the damages arising from any accidents. 

•    Renter that doesn’t take benefit of insurance cover partly or exactly because of any action or neglect that aren’t possible to attribute to renter has the right to demand the compensation for the damage and lagging behind the work of the car. The compensation for lagging behind the work of the car is calculated by basing on daily rental specified for this period. 

Fuel Conditions:

Repayment won’t be made for the residual fuel. If there is missing in fuel, 25% service price on current litre price of fuel in that day is applied. In the delivery of the car, car has to be delivered in the level of the fuel as it is given to you. Level of the fuel in the contract is identified as Full-3/4-1/2-1/4-Rezv. 

Privacy Policy:

Bodrum Tour rent a car  

Gives particular importance to your personal privacy and it respects it.  Because of this reason, it promises not to share your personal information such as your name or your e-mail address that you tell us with third parties, not to use them for the commercial purpose and  to save these informations. 
These informations that you share with us are used in order to present you better, more rapid and more qualified service by us. 

These informations help you to make a reservation, speed up the process in confirming phase and also when you have requests and problems, they help us to get in touch more rapidly with us and to answer you. 

Bodrum Tour can sometimes renovate or change its privacy policy content if it is necessary. 


-    When you want to be a member 

-     When you wan to make a reservation 

-    When you want to take benefit of discounts and campaigns 

-    When you have questions and when you want to make a statement of opinion etc. 

Bodrum Tour rent a car;

Your personal informations are collected in its own data bank in accordance with the requests and demands of rent a car and similar services that it presents. These may be as your name, phone number and e-mail address. 

When your informations are collected in our data bank, you can; 

- make your reservation more easily and more rapidly 

- take benefit of reservation priority and discounts 

- be informed about the opportunities and campaigns..


Bodrum Tour collects and keeps name and contact informations during reservation. 


When you are making reservation in our web site, your credit card informations are transmitted cryptically via SECURE SOCKET LAYER – SSL communication.

By means of this system, informations transmitted are coded and they are blocked to be read by anyone except secured servers. They are coded in our database by authorized people who have a specific right to enter our system and who are obliged to keep these informations confidential. 

After this process, credit card informations, identification number, financial informations aren’t kept in our server anymore.


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