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ONELLI TRAVEL has been established since 1990. Our aim has always been to promote Turkish tourism, and to be a leading travel agent in providing handling services for international tour operators which are marketing Turkey, Greece, Europe and overseas. We also pride ourselves in the personal touch we give to our individual travelers. Our executives have over 20 years of experience in travel business but still bear the spirit of wonder which keeps them excited, creative and dynamic.

BodrumTour is well known for providing Historical, Religious, Cultural, Informative and Memorable Programs & Tours for individuals, families and small groups! We have listed various programs & tour options available at any time of the year and we customize any service to suit each of your wishes. Plus, if you have a special program you would like to enjoy that we do not list, we will provide you that 'customized' program.

And if you are a repeated traveler, we will come up with alternative options for you! Our contracted professional guides will provide you with a wealth of information about the history, religion, mythology, economy, activities, restaurants, shopping areas and much more, making sure you have an enjoyable experience that will expand your awareness about Turkey! Different foreign language programs & tours can be arranged. Sit back, relax! We make sure that our contracted transportation services are on high standards. We offer new comfortable air conditioned vehicles and coaches of any size, together with enthusiastic and entertaining drivers that will make sure your drive is safe!


Referring to our shore private tours:
Travel more! Worry less! We understand that your travel can take a year to plan, but only a second to ruin. While you cannot do anything to control a group tour, our Tours are all about you!! We are proud to offer you the difference of a private or custom designed program based on your interest!

Pick-Up and Drop-Off for the shore excursions is usually at the Port. However, your Pick-Up and Drop-Off locations can be from or wherever you desire. We quote approximate time for our tours, though each tour time can vary depending mostly on traffic and/or crowds, and since almost all tours involve walking, we consider the mobility of our guests, interest for information, time for pictures, sanitary stops, breaks for relaxation and additional breaks for lunch or shopping.

Flexibility is what a private program offer after all! Punctuality is one of most important principles in our business. However, the disembarkation can sometimes be slow. Please rest assured we will be waiting till you are able to disembark and meet your guide.

Our company has always kept our customer-focused philosophy ahead of commercial interests, which leads us to our goal of quality rather than quantity. Therefore, we stand for the saying: 'We would forgo profit for before we compromise the trust and satisfaction of our customers.' This has resulted in Onelli Travel being known as one of the best travel agents in Turkey's tourism sector. We hope that you will include Onelli Travel, in your travel plans this year!

Best Regards
ONELLI Travel Team


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